Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Should You Build A Pool Table Instead of Buying One?

Should You Build A Pool Table?
In recent discussions, I’ve had about buying a pool table, I’ve run into a lot of people that say that I should build one instead. Now there are some upsides to this, no doubt. But compared to buying a pool table, is it worth it? At first glance, yes, it is definitely worth going forward. But there are some serious downsides as well. As you look into possibly buying a pool table versus building your own, consider a few notes on whether or not you should drop some cash on an existing solution or you should get into the garage and start putting things together on your own.

How Good Are You With Construction and Building From Plans?

The first thing that you should consider before buying a pool table or building one, rather, is to consider how savvy you are. Are you good at working with wood? Do you already work with construction or carpentry on any level? Now, you don’t have to be Jesus of Nazareth, but you should be well versed in carpentry if you’re going to take on the build of a solid, level, and professional era pool table. If you’re not good with building things, are not constantly tinkering in your garage and producing good things, then don’t do this. Now, there’s one caveat here. What if you were to hire someone? Well, the cost of hiring an expert to help you build a pool table, could very well cost you more than just buying a pool table. That’s something that you have to really consider when you’re looking at pool tables for your home in general.

The Variety of Existing Models

I mentioned in a previous post, you could go about buying a pool table on amazon.com. That’s not the only site you can use, but I have found that their selection is legendary. There are a lot of existing models that go from small scale to professional level, and even those sponsored by the professional circuit. Whether you’re a novice or a professional, there’s a variety of models that you can take advantage of today, and can order them online. Now, pool tables in my area are usually sold on Craigslist or through other classified advertisements. I sometimes see them at Goodwill, but there is no showroom for pool tables. You could go about buying a pool table from Sears, as I was recently one locally and they had a few professional sized options in their store. But with big box retailers shutting down, you may find that the variety of existing pool tables may be found best online.

Buying A Custom Pool Table Is Just As Good

Overall, you may want to still build your own pool table. There’s nothing wrong with that. But before you decide on building one on your own, perhaps you should look at buying a pool table from a custom manufacturer. Look online for custom pool tables for sale, and you’ll find that there’s a lot of companies in the United States that do this. If you want something grand, and something that you cannot buy in stores, buy a custom solution from a professional billiards craftsman. The downside here, however, is the cost could very well be triple or even quadruple the price of a mass-produced option. Remember, custom work is going to cost you a lot more, simple as that.

Should you build a pool table instead of buying one? That’s the real question that you may want to consider. I for one can’t do it. I can barely build an Ikea shelf without it wobbling and falling apart. Now, you could go about buying a pool table online, and that will most likely come in parts that you have to put together, but you still have to do some minor building. That’s a big difference from building one from scratch. I think the answer is simple, you should look into buying a pool table instead of building one. That is, unless it’s a project that you know you can do, or you have money to spend on the pieces.

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