Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Places To Find Used Pool Tables For Sale

Used Pool Tables Abound Online
When it comes to playing pool you have a few options to consider. The first is obvious, you can find a good bar that has a table or several tables. When you look online for, pool tables near me, you’ll get a long listing of options near your area. For me, here in Indianapolis, there are a lot of different bars to consider. For instance, I live near one spot that has 11 tables, and is frequented by “hustlers”, and novices alike. It’s inexpensive, but the dark bar mixed with spilled beer and bad odors is not my favorite place to play pool. Upon looking online for, pool tables near me, it’s one of the main search results, but the reviews are terrible, because of course, it’s a dive. If you’re like me, and you don’t want to get stuck at a place you don’t like, perhaps the best option to consider is going forward with used pool tables for sale, and therefore the following tips may help you procure your next favorite entertainment piece for the home.

Goodwill and Thrift Stores

The first major option that you should consider when looking for used pool tables for sale is that of Goodwill and Thrift stores. I know, this may sound insane, but I’ve managed to find a variety of different solutions by simply looking for pool tables near me, and finding them. Ok, so the Google search results aren’t going to give you pool tables, but they will list all the thrift stores in your area. Now, the place that I found a few good tables in Indianapolis was Goodwill’s clearance thrift store solution. There are outlets for these stores, and you may find a variety of solutions there. Now, you may not see them every time you go, but it’s good to go by often and see what’s up. The last visit to a Goodwill near me netted me 4 awesome chairs from the Westin in Indianapolis. They redid their lobby and the chairs came from there! For five bucks each, I have chairs in my home from the Westin. Not bad. They aren’t pool tables, but still.

Closing Down Pool Halls

Like any other business, poll halls are hard businesses to run. I have written about Pool Hall Business Plans before, but few people take advantage of them. Even though there’s a lot of work that needs to get done in order for these to start, maintaining them is where things get really difficult. With that said, there are a lot of pool halls that open and shut within their first year of opening. Your goal is to look for options that are new, and keep an eye on them. If at any point these places have a problem paying the rent, you could swoop in and buy old pool tables. They may be used, abused, and burned, but you can fix them up a little. Pool halls that close down may not be listed in the results for your search, pool tables near me, but hey, it’s an option to consider outright.

Classified Ads For Used Pool Tables

The biggest site for ads like these is of course, Craigslist. You could use “Search Tempest” to look for pool tables near me, and see what you find. Otherwise, you can look in your local area and see if there is anyone selling used pool tables in your area. Your goal here is to find options that are cheap. Some you can rehab, others are like new, and some are in bad shape. Whatever the case may be, you could buy a cheap table, get good at the game, or just play normally. Whatever your goals are in purchasing a pool table, classified ads are never a bad idea.

There you have it, there are 3 options that you can consider when you’re looking at pool tables near me, or other search terms. Now, you could always go online and buy new tables, but why spend the money if you just want something functional? Sometimes lightly used tables are going to cost you less than one hundred dollars, and that’s all you need. That is, unless you’re a professional and you want something nice. But that’s for another day and time, no doubt.

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